Is Staff Augmentation a Viable Option for Your Business?

The decision to hire either in-house or outsourced developers is a complex one that depends on a wide variety of factors, including budget, workload, and where your company is in its evolution. This e-book will take a closer look at these aspects and help you understand if outsourcing is a good fit for your organization.

Learn more about...

  • The current (and future) developer landscape.
  • Cost per hire for in-house and outsourced talent.
  • How company lifecycle stage impacts hiring.
  • Key indicators that staff augmentation won't work for your company.

At the end of the day, the needs and budget of your business will determine the best solution.

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Our Nearshore Developers

At the heart of the organization, our full-time developers are fluent in a virtual A-to-Z of programming languages and platforms. They are as passionate as you are about your products, services, and software needs, providing consistency and unparalleled commitment, alongside expertly crafted code. They meet deadlines, communicate constantly, and stick with you from inception to delivery.