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"Checklist: Selecting an offshore Development Company"

Ensuring potential offshoring partners can deliver quality employees for your needs

Without a thorough understanding of how an offshoring company runs, you won't be able to differentiate the wheat from the chaff or align your expectations with the company's service offering. You may waste time and money on developers who don't speak English, aren't trained well, and can't meet deadlines

To save you the trouble so many of our clinets faced before finding us, we created a list of 16 questions to ask when interviewing offshore development companies

This guide teaches you:

  • 7 categories of questions to help you get to the bottom of everything you need to know about an offshoring company--including how it runs its shop, recruits, handles faulty projects and ensures employee retention.
  • Tips about how to evaluate the most common pricing structures offshore development companies offer.
  • Hacks to get an inside look at the company's culture and how it treats its employees.
  • Questions to help you find out what an offshoring company's current clients think of it.

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