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performing women?

Learn how to tackle sexism in tech with our new ebook, Tackling Gender Discrimination in Your Workplace: Empowering Women in Tech to Be Top Performers


Companies that struggle with gender diversity impede staff performance, alienate potential customers, suffer high turnover, and struggle to create relevant products. But companies that foster inclusiveness set themselves up for success. Making our workplaces welcoming to women is key to helping our organizations thrive.


What's inside:


  • A snapshot of the tech industry’s struggle with gender bias.
  • How sexism hurts staff performance, retention, and market performance.
  • How gender inclusiveness in leads to increased performance.
  • The difference between gender diversity vs. inclusivity, and why they’re both valuable.
  • A breakdown of specific ways sexism presents itself in the workplace, covering harmful beliefs, behaviors, and policies.
  • Solutions for tackling these specific examples of sexism.

Lead your organization in improving workplaces for women today.

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